New season, new hair goals!

Our hair largely determines how we look, hair gives you a certain radiance, a certain look. The fact that one has beautiful curls, the other has thin and pierced hair and another has a thick head, that is determined in our DNA, and that cannot be influenced. And yet we cannot always fall back on this, because there are certainly external factors that can influence our hair.

In the Netherlands we are lucky to be able to experience all seasons, every year, but whether our hair is so happy with this?
Cold air, such as in winter, and dry air, such as inside the heating, cause frizzy hair! The cuticle layer of your hair is open and therefore unable to retain moisture, which can lead to your hair breaking and splitting the ends… ah…

First of all, maintaining your hair is of course very important, go to the hairdresser regularly to have your ends trimmed. In addition, using the right ingredients in your shampoo to provide your hair with the necessary hydration is a must! FNGRPRNTS uses passion flower fruit for hydration, as well as baobab. The latter protects against heat and pollution and also has an anti-aging effect. The necessary keratin prevents breaking and splitting of the hair. Flaxseed is a powerful ingredient that strengthens hair and provides shine and hydration.

So with autumn and winter just around the corner, although an Indian summer seems to be coming first, it is important to adjust your hair goals and adjust your FNGRPRNTS formula to 'winter' conditions.

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