FNGPRNTS affiliate partner

As a registered FNGPRNTS affiliate partner, earn a commission on all first sales and still receive commission on all recurring orders month after month, year to year. We create a link in the dashboard of this website where you can register as an affiliate partner. After you have registered as an affiliate partner, you will receive your own referral link with a cookie tracking. If the consumer makes a purchase via this link, you will receive 25% of the selling price as an affiliate partner. In the dashboard you can, among other things, view the number of products sold and the commission for the month. You can send messages and view payouts, commissions and reports. Here you can also promote the referral link. The product purchase is done through the referral link of you as an affiliate partner. The product is delivered to the customer free of charge. The consumer can decide whether it is a subscription or a one-off purchase. In all cases, you will receive the agreed commission as an affiliate partner. FNGRPRNTS transfers money to you via your e-mail address, which is linked to your personal PayPal account. Once you have received a payment, you will be notified by e-mail and the payment can be seen in the online statement. You can withdraw the money (read: transfer) to your bank account.