FNGRPRNTS x Bee Foundation

Bees and have played a role in one out of three things on your plate. Now that things are not going well worldwide with assistance due to pesticides, among other things, we realize all the more how important it is to take care of our world.

The decline in beekeeping poses a threat to biodiversity and therefore also to ourselves. FNGRPRNTS therefore supports the work of the Bijenstichting . Since 2010, the Bijenstichting has been committed to protecting bees and protecting them from extinction.

A fixed percentage of every FNGRPRNTS product sold is donated to the Bijenstichting and we are part of the Bijenlint: a ribbon of initiatives, such as gardens or landscapes with bee-friendly plants or bee hotels, to promote the bee's chances of survival. The Bijenlint once started in Zutphen (our place of business, incidentally) as a beautiful and local initiative and is now a national phenomenon.

That is why you will receive a bag of flower seeds with your order so that you too can help the bee in your area.

Every FNGRPRNTS product sold thus contributes to improving the food supply of honey bees and wild bees.

Visit www.bijenstichting.nl if you want to know more about the work of the foundation or about this small but oh so useful animal.