About us

We have developed F N G R P R N T S in response to consumer demand, which is increasingly giving preference to products and services that are tailored to individual needs and wishes. After starting as a hairdresser and having a successful career in the cosmetics industry, the brothers Jeroen and Richard Wilmink had a dream: to develop their own cosmetics brand. In 2011 the brothers realized their dream and founded the cosmetic brand Oolaboo. Oolaboo believes in beauty on the outside, but real beauty is created by paying just as much care to your inside. The most important principle in the development of the products is that everything we use in and on our bodies must be safe and as natural as possible. Because what is not safe enough for your mouth, Oolaboo does not use it for your skin or hair. Oolaboo has grown into a Dutch lifestyle brand with more than 200 points of sale in the Netherlands and is now represented in various countries. Oolaboo is happy to help you with your daily beauty routine with the best and safest products. Oolaboo is happy to help you bring out the best in yourself. With FNGRPRNTS we go a step further! Personalized hair cosmetics, tailor-made for you!