Born to be me
Personalized hair care, tailor-made, just for you!

Put together your own shampoo and conditioner adapted to your unique hair wishes and needs. You can already buy a personalized formula from € 19.95.

Your print is your power Your print is your power

About us Your print is your power

FNGRPRNTS is an innovative and luxurious beauty brand that believes that true beauty emerges when it gets personal. Your unique hair wishes are translated into high-quality and vegan compositions, formulated to achieve your hair goals.

A product that delivers on hair promises, made just for you and leaves you dreaming away with a spectrum of heavenly scents to choose from. Of course with your name on the bottle.

A beauty brand that does what it stands for, inspires you and is ahead of the times.

Bring out the best in you! Bring out the best in you!

Free from microplastics, sulfates and silicones Bring out the best in you!

  • 100%
  • No
  • Cruelty
  • 100%
  • High-tech
  • Free from

Through our years of experience in the cosmetics industry, we know which natural, active and unique ingredients bring out the best in your hair.
We are aware of what we can and cannot use in your personal recipe.
What we leave out is just as important as what we put in.

A bottle for the bee A bottle for the bee

Help the bee A bottle for the bee

Without the bee, a large part of our flora and fauna would disappear. This little creature has a big influence on how our ecosystem works, THE big eco influencers. To help the bee, you will find a bag of flower seeds with your order so that you too can support the bee in your area.

Surprise your bestie! Surprise your bestie!

Give a FNGRPRNTS gift voucher Surprise your bestie!

Let's face it, you don't actually want to share your secret that ensures beautiful hair! But if you really can't keep it to yourself right now, give your bestie or someone you love one
FNGRPRNTS gift voucher gift. Bet they are eternally grateful to you?!

customers rate us with a 9.5

  • Super fine shampoo and conditioner, plus it looks great in my bathroom :D Blackbird
  • The shampoo does not lather well the first time, but after using it a bit it is super, and what a wonderful smell! More volume and wonderfully fresh hair! Michelle

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