Does your hair need protein?

Protein, also known as keratin, is actually the building block of your hair. It is located, along with moisture, in the interior of the hair. The most important thing for beautiful hair is that there is a balance between protein and moisture.

The protein in your hair can be affected by coloring or bleaching your hair or by frequent use of styling tools such as a hair dryer or straightener.
The scales of your hair open and your hair is no longer able to absorb nutrients and no longer recover. As a result, your hair breaks and loses its elasticity.
You can easily see if your hair needs extra protein by doing a simple test. Pull a hair out of your head, this may be dry or wet hair, and stretch it. Does your hair stretch more than usual and then break? Then your hair needs extra protein. This makes your hair stronger, prevents breakage and gives shine because protein is able to penetrate deep into the hair.

Depending on the porosity of your hair, different proteins are used in our formulas. With low porosity hair, the scales of your hair are slightly open, amino acids or hydrolyzed keratin or collagen are used. These proteins have small molecules that can easily get between the scales of your body. With high porosity hair, the scales are wide open, we use, among other things, hydrolyzed proteins from wheat, rice or quinoa.

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