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Everyone is unique, every hair is unique just like our fingerprint. Everyone has individual needs and wishes, including when it comes to hair. There is less and less need for 'one size fits all' products. With that in mind, we have
FNGRPRNTS developed. We make a tailor-made shampoo and conditioner for you that does everything we can to achieve your hair goals.

You can read who we are exactly below.

From childhood dream to international beauty brand

Let's get personal From childhood dream to international beauty brand

After a start as a hairdresser and a long career in the cosmetics industry, the brothers Jeroen and Richard Wilmink had a dream: to develop their own cosmetics brand. In 2011, the brothers' dream came true and they founded the cosmetics brand Oolaboo. Oolaboo believes in beauty on the outside, but real beauty comes from taking care of your inner beauty just as much.

The most important starting point in the development of Oolaboo products is that everything we use in and on our body must be safe and natural as much as possible. Because what is not safe enough for your mouth, we do not use for your skin and hair. Oolaboo has grown into a Dutch lifestyle brand with various points of sale in the Netherlands and is now represented in various countries.

'Everything has to be natural & safe'

With FNGRPRNTS we go one step further! Personalized hair cosmetics, tailor-made for you! It doesn't get more personal! We strive to achieve your personal hair goals, with products without sulfates, silicones and microplastics, made from natural active ingredients that do what they promise. In addition, the products are 100% vegan.

We are aware of what we can and cannot use in your personal recipe. That's why we say: what we leave out is just as important as what we put in.

Leave a fingerprint, no environmental footprint

Your FNGRPRNTS formula goes in a recycled PET bottle. The production of recycled PET involves considerably less CO2 emissions and the energy consumption is much lower.

Your formula is also free of microplastics. These very small plastic particles go directly into your shower drain and end up in the environment, especially in our rivers and oceans, with all the consequences that entails. Of course this is not what we want...

The choice for a brown bottle is a very conscious one. Brown is the color of earth, wood, stone, of course, warmth and is often associated with the seasons. The color brown has a beneficial effect on your body and mind by creating the feeling of peace, stability, warmth and relaxation.

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