FNGRPRNTS Personal shampoo

F N G R P R N T S has been developed in response to consumer demand, which is increasingly giving preference to products and services that are tailored to individual needs and wishes. It is very simple: you complete the online consultation test with one finger. We ask you a series of questions to determine your unique hair condition and personal hair requirements. After this we will formulate customized products for you. The test gives us a complete overview of everything that can affect your hair and scalp needs. We then process your answers and use multiple factors to determine the unique mix of ingredients needed to create your personal recipe. A product that is personalized with your name on the bottle! But that's not all. Nothing is as personal as scent! With F N G R P R N T S you can choose from 4 different fragrance compositions for your personal shampoo and conditioner. You can choose from the scents: *Lemon Cheesecake * sandalwood compote * rose & jasmine sorbet * vanilla brûlée Choosing a perfume-free recipe is of course also possible. To make your bottle as personal as possible, you can finally choose from different labels with colorful illustrations to make your shampoo and / or conditioner even more personal. The result is a shampoo and / or conditioner just for you. The online consultation test is easy to perform at home. After completing and sending the consultation test, it takes about a week before you can experience your personalized shampoo and conditioner at home. With our subscription you can receive orders as often as you want. You can always adjust your recipe, frequency of delivery or the next delivery date to ensure that you get your shampoo and conditioner when you need it.