FNGRPRNTS Safe and functional

We are aware of what we can and cannot use in your personal recipe. Carefully selected ingredients, of which we know the origin, are carefully selected and combined for you: what we omit is just as important as what we put into it. Developed to be completely safe and functional, your recipe contains concentrated botanicals, high-tech molecules and does not contain any unnecessary chemical or harmful ingredients. We avoid the use of silicones in your formula. We prefer to use vegetable oils, these are better for you and for the environment. Silicones contain no active substances and therefore do not add anything to your hair. They only form a (plastic) layer over your hair. If you have never used silicone-free products before, it may take a while before you get used to it. Your final recipe is also 100% vegan, that is to say we do not use ingredients that come from animals, such as honey, silk or bee wax. Since 2013, it has been forbidden within Europe to do animal testing for cosmetics, so our products are not tested on animals.