FNGRPRNTS supports the Dutch bee

The bee is not doing well. There are national and international concerns about bees. The Netherlands has 360 species of bees. But more than half of the bee species are in danger of disappearing due to the use of pesticides, which means that plants that bees love simply cannot be found anymore.

Not a person, not a bee.

The decline in beekeeping poses a threat to biodiversity and therefore also to ourselves. No bee, no human…

FNGRPRNTS therefore supports the work of the Bijenstichting. Since 2010, the Bijenstichting has been committed to protecting bees and protecting them from extinction. A fixed percentage of every FNGRPRNTS product sold is therefore donated to the Bijenstichting. In addition, we are part of the Bijenlint: a ribbon of initiatives, such as gardens with bee-friendly plants or bee hotels, to promote the chances of survival of the bee.

" With every order you place at FNGRPRNTS, you will receive a bag of flower seeds. With this you can improve the living environment of bees on the land or in the city"

Ellen Wilmink

A bee ribbon has been constructed in front of our head office in Zutphen, where a flower garden emerges in the summer. In addition, we have installed a bee hotel where wild bees can lay their larvae.

A wild bee cannot fly that far, so food and nesting places should not be further than 200 meters apart.

In addition to our support, you can also contribute something yourself.
With every order you place at FNGRPRNTS, you will receive a bag of flower seeds. This allows you to improve the living environment of bees on land or in the city. By sowing the seeds in loose sand, unpaved paths and messy corners, you can make your garden bee-friendly and thus contribute to improving the food supply and the future of the bee.

We will regularly tell you more about the work of the bee foundation and about the bee itself.

On behalf of the bee: thank you bzzzzz!

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