Why you shouldn't use products with silicone.

When we talk about silicones, people often don't immediately think of shampoo and conditioner. Unfortunately, many shampoos and conditioners contain silicone. Not all silicones in hair products are equally harmful. Sometimes these contain water-soluble silicones, which are easy to wash out of your hair as soon as they come into contact with water, so they are not very harmful to your hair and even offer benefits. In addition to the fact that they give shine and make your hair easy to comb, they can protect your hair against external influences such as blow-drying and if they also help to retain moisture, your hair will also benefit from this.

Unfortunately, there are also silicones that you would rather not put in your hair. These are stubborn, almost impossible to get out of your hair unless you use a deep cleansing shampoo, and often contain sulfates.
Sulfates are also not too good for your beautiful hair! These silicones ensure that the good and nourishing ingredients of a shampoo, for example, cannot do their job.

Bad silicones form a layer around your hair and are made of a kind of plastic. These attach to your hair again and again and this creates 'thick' layers of silicone, with the result that your hair becomes dull and heavy and can cause a lot of itching. Do you have beautiful curls? Then definitely don't use shampoo with silicone!

At FNGRPRNTS we have chosen not to use silicones, not even those that are water-soluble. We prefer to use vegetable oil, this is better for the hair and the environment. Silicone also contains no active substances.

To give your hair the right nutrition, use rapeseed oil, which contributes to color retention and has an 'anti-aging' effect. Sunflower oil moisturizes and prevents moisture loss. Olive oil restores the scalp and naturally adapts to the balance of the scalp. Rosemary oil actually soothes the scalp and promotes hair growth, prevents hair loss and helps against dandruff. Amaran oil is an oil from seeds and contains squalane, a strong antioxidant that also moisturizes very well. Finally, macadamia oil is an extremely nourishing oil.

If you use a FNGRPRNTS product, your hair does not need any silicone at all! Quickly put together your shampoo and conditioner!

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